Building cultural heritage knowledge

Thursday 27 July 2017,
Friday 28 July 2017,
BP Lecture Theatre
Free, booking essential

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This conference seeks to highlight the challenges for sustainable knowledge building between cultural heritage institutions, universities and the other interested audiences.

How do we combine knowledge, skills and experience to create digital resources that have high research value, meaningful content, and are interesting to a wide range of people and groups? How can interdisciplinary work be practically supported and maintained? How can the outputs of digital research be academically robust and accessible for reuse in other projects? How can we avoid digital disruption and fragmentation? Finally, what role should cultural heritage institutions and organisations play in preserving and disseminating knowledge?

Papers will include the principles, methodology, techniques and viewpoints of people and projects attempting to answer these questions and provide practical solutions. The focus is not simply on integrating and connecting information but about connecting people and knowledge from different backgrounds, skills and experience. Workshops will talk about and demonstrate techniques used to transfer knowledge systems to the World Wide Web.

A British Museum/ResearchSpace conference funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.

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