Islamic world (Room 42 and 43)

The Albukhary Foundation Gallery

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Explore the wonders of the Islamic world in the Museum’s newest gallery.

Showcasing the Museum’s diverse and world-class collection of Islamic objects, this beautiful new gallery explores the cultural significance, breadth and impact of the Islamic world. On display are stunning works of art alongside objects of everyday life, including musical instruments, games, ceramics and traditional dress.

These objects represent an area stretching from West Africa to Southeast Asia, from the 7th century to the present day. Together they celebrate the peoples of the Islamic world and explore the ideas, technologies and interactions that shaped their culture.

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Celebrating the Islamic world: gallery opening weekend

A variety of free events will be taking place to celebrate the opening of the gallery. The programme includes workshops, performances, music and food at a Friday Late (Friday 19 October), as well as a day of family activities (Saturday 20 October).

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The British Museum has created, developed and sourced a wide range of publications and products inspired by The Albukhary Gallery of the Islamic World. Highlights of this collection include the two publications 'The Islamic world: A history in objects' and 'The making of the Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic world.'