National Museums Kenya

A series of initiatives to continue to build a partnership with
National Museums Kenya


  • Natural History Museum, London (NHM)
  • National Museum Kenya, Nairobi (NMK) 


  • To re-develop the cultural heritage storage facilities at the
    Nairobi Museum
  • To enable staff exchanges between London and Nairobi
  • To develop a partnership between the Nairobi Museum and the Natural History Museum

Key event: Meetings between NHM and NMK staff

Building a partnership
The meetings, held between 28 March – 3 April 2009, proved successful in strengthening the relationship between the NHM and NMK, and in identifying areas for future possible collaboration.

Working together in the future
Potential short-term collaborations:

  • Inviting the NMK Director General, Dr Idle Omar Farah
    to visit the NHM
  • Providing assistance and training for collection development, management and conservation
  • Discussing possible research collaborations

Potential medium to long-term collaborations:

  • Staff exchanges, particularly covering exhibitions, education services, development and collections management
  • Collections loans and development
  • Research collaboration

Meeting between staff from the Natural History Museum and the National Museum Kenya.

National Museums Kenya meeting