International Dunhuang Project
Internship Programme 

A series of internships at the International Dunhuang Project to provide training in digitisation for young professionals from institutions in China and India


  • British Library
  • British Museum
  • V&A
  • Dunhuang Academy
  • Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology
  • Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
  • National Museum of India


  • To strengthen links with Chinese institutions and develop more formal links with Indian Institutions. The training programme also gives the interns an opportunity to carry out a practical research project

Project details

A long standing partnership
IDP is the largest and most successful project of its kind, providing information on tens of thousands of paintings, artefacts, textiles, manuscripts, historical photographs and maps as well as cataloguing and contextual information. IDP has local centres in London, Beijing, Dunhuang, St Petersburg, Kyoto, and Berlin training local staff to use the latest digitisation and computer equipment and sharing conservation and scientific advances among all.

The digitisation centre
IDP Dunhuang was established in 2007 at the Dunhuang Academy (DHA) to coordinate the cataloguing and digitisation of the Dunhuang manuscripts at the DHA and other institutions in Gansu Province in liaison with DHA staff. It has research and inputting staff and a digitisation studio.

Internship programme
Two interns from the Dunhuang Academy have completed their five month internships. Mr Zhao Liang focussed on manipulating images, archiving them and putting them on the web and he also produced a training manual in Chinese for future interns. Mr Sheng Yanhai assisted with imaging and photography.

The interns from Xinjiang have been selected and their programme is currently being developed.

Sheng Yanhai of the Dunhuang Academy adjusting the digitisation set-up during training at the British Library

Digitisation training at the British Library