Knowledge Exchange

The exchange of knowledge is vital to creating and sustaining an effective museum sector.

The Knowledge Exchange programme, co-ordinated by the British Museum and generously supported by the Vivmar Foundation, enables the British Museum to partner with a diverse range of museums across the UK to share skills and expertise.

Designed to support the museum sector to respond to current challenges, the programme creates professional exchanges for museum staff of any specialism and at any level. Each year staff from the British Museum and five partner museums undertake a bespoke five-day exchange to gain hands-on experience of working in another museum, and share skills and working practices.

My experience during my exchange at the British Museum exceeded my expectations and hopes. I returned to my museum not only with new ideas and insights but also with increased confidence in what we already offer at our museum and a fresh inspiration to adapt and develop our activity

Knowledge Exchange participants

It was a pleasure to be a part of a another museum, if only for a week, as I believe that learning more about the UK museum and heritage sector will allows us a better understanding of the British Museum’s wider role in the UK, and how it interacts with other institutions, big and small.

Knowledge Exchange 2018

The British Museum is seeking five partner organisations to take part in this year’s Knowledge Exchange programme.

If you would like your organisation to take part, please send an expression of interest by Monday 19 February to Georgia Mallin, UK Partnerships Co-ordinator.

Further details on the programme and how to apply are here