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Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project
Staff: Nick Ashton

Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Ringlemere, Kent
Staff: Sonja Marzinzik

The A.W. Franks and A.Way archive project
Staff: Eva Oledzka

Catalogue of Visigothic artefacts from Spain and Southern France in the British Museum
Staff: Barry Ager

Coins from the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii
Staff: Richard Hobbs

Cosmetic Grinders
Staff: Ralph Jackson

The East Leicestershire Hoards (Iron Age and Roman)
Staff: J.D. Hill

Excavations at Grimes Graves
Staff: Gillian Varndell

Good Impressions:  image and authority in medieval seals
Staff: James Robinson

Greek and Roman surgical instruments and medical objects in the British Museum
Staff: Ralph Jackson

Staff: Nick Ashton

Italian Renaissance Ceramics, A Catalogue of the British Museum’s Collection, BMP 2007
Staff: Dora Thornton

Iron Age mirrors
Staff: Jody Joy

Iron Age pottery and society in East Anglia
Staff: J.D.Hill

Jewellery in the age of Victoria: a social and cultural history
Staff: Judy Rudoe

Ottoman Science in the 19th century
Staff: Silke Ackermann

Poor man’s silver? Pewter tableware: its function, significance and contribution to our understanding of life in Roman Britain
Staff: Lindsey Smith, Richard Hobbs

The Roman shipwreck project
Staff: J.D. Hill

Runnymede Research Excavations volume 3
Staff: Stuart Needham

Snettisham Iron Age hoards: technology and analysis
Staff: Jody Joy

The star of Bethlehem – A journey through science and art
Staff: Silke Ackermann

Synthesis and analysis of Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure data
Staff: Jody Joy

Technologies of Enchantment: Early Celtic Art in Britain
Staff: J.D. Hill


Staff: Silke Ackermann