Coins and Medals

The work of the department is supported by a team of Museum Assistants and administrative staff.

Curatorial staff:

Richard Abdy
Curator of Roman coins
Coinage of the Roman Empire

Ben Alsop
Project curator: Citi Money Gallery (part time)

Philip Attwood
Head of Department
Curator of Commemorative and Art Medals

Robert Bracey
Project curator: Kushan coins
Ancient coins of South and Central Asia

Dario Calomino
Project curator: Roman Provincial Coins

Barrie Cook
Curator of Medieval and Early Modern coinage
Coinage of Medieval and Early Modern Britain and Europe

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis
Curator of Middle Eastern Coins
Parthian and Sasanian Coins, coins of the Islamic world from AD 650 to the present

Amelia Dowler
Curator of Greek coins
Greek Coins and Roman provincial coins

Henry Flynn
Project curator: Money and Medals Network (part-time)

Thomas Hockenhull
Curator: Modern Money

Janet Larkin
Manager of the Enlightenment gallery
Curator of Room 2: Collecting the World

Elizabeth J. Pendleton
Project Curator: Parthian and Sasanian coins (part time)
Parthian and Sasanian Coins

Helen Wang
Curator of East Asian money
Coins and banknotes of East Asia, seventh century BC to the present

Gareth Williams
Curator of Early Medieval coinage and Viking collections
Coinage of Early Medieval Britain and Europe; Viking artefacts