Terms and conditions of Museumcraft

To be read in conjunction with standard terms of use

By making this submission you are agree that:

(i) You have Mojang’s licence to play Minecraft (the ‘game’) under their End User Licence Agreement (or another equivalent licence) enabling you to participate in this project without breaking any of Mojang’s rules for playing its game;

(ii) You are not going to give us anything that will be offensive to people or illegal; it will be honest, and your own creation and it will not infringe the rights of anyone else.

(iii) If we get challenged, threatened or sued by someone because any content you have given us infringes that person’s rights, we may hold you responsible to repay us for any loss or damage that results to us; and

(iv) We may remove any content you have given to us at any time.

We agree that we will not:

(i) Disclosure of your name and email address to a third party or make them publicly available; or

(ii) Use your contact details for marketing purposes.